So, Abortion


Meet Mireille Miller-Young. She is one of those parody professors that most Liberals like to claim don’t actually exist, because American education isn’t really biased towards the most insane kinds of Progressive lunacy at all, honest guvnor. She is an Associate Professor of Feminist Studies whose areas of (ahem) study are, and I quote: Pornography; Sex Work; Black Film, Popular Culture and Art; Feminist & Queer Theory; African American & African Diaspora Studies; Visual Archives; New Media; Ethnography; Oral History.

Tell me you didn’t snigger just a tiny bit at the juxtaposition of the first and last items on that list…

Her dissertation was on the incredibly deep academic subject of ‘Black Women In Pornography’, and was gifted with one of those titles that just makes you wince at the thought of a ‘white’ person saying it…yes, she actually called it ‘A Taste Of Brown Sugar’. She even has a book coming out this year from Duke University Press – where else?

But all right DMF, you say. Loony Progressive Professors are dime a dozen in the US, its more unusual to find one who isn’t than one who is, so why bother writing about this one? Is it the incredible offensiveness of her claim to have been ‘triggered’ by the graphic signs being held up the Pro-Life protesters described in the article above, when she clearly has absolutely no idea of the appallingly debilitating effects of someone who actually has PTSD being actually triggered? Well, partly. I know people with genuine PTSD and have been there with them and for them when a triggering event occurs, and I can assure anyone not familiar with the symptoms that the absolute last thing someone in the midst of a PTSD attack is capable of doing is gathering a mob, stealing stuff and assaulting the people they stole it from. But so trivialised has the concept now become – especially in American academia, which always leads the way in taking a serious genuine concern and adopting a reductio ad absurdum attitude towards it that goes right out the other side of nuts – that the woman actually thinks that a picture that upsets her a bit is a ‘trigger’. I truly despise those who have done to Triggering what they have done to things like Racism.

But that’s not totally it. There’s also her use of the term ‘conscientuous objector’ to describe herself. The sheer effrontery of a pampered academic whose ‘job’ consists of spouting brainwashing diatribes on such non-subjects as those listed above comparing herself to people who in living memory were literally put up against a wall and shot to defend their principles is, for me, on a parity of offensiveness with the ‘trigger’ claim. It is clear that she genuinely feels that she is some kind of heroine for committing theft and assault just because the people she stole from and assaulted have an opinion that she dislikes. The idea that she might ever therefore justifiably be on the receiving end of similar treatment from the opposite side following her own example is completely incomprehensible to her. But then I think its pretty clear that like most Progressives inside the ‘Social Justice Warrior’ bubble, it is a practically unheard of event for her to actually personally encounter an opinion which diverges from the groupthink – in this case on abortion. And because of the basic Progressive drive to stamp out opinions which might challenge that groupthink, she is unable to react with anything but violence when confronted with them.

Which leads me to the main reason I chose to write about our parodical academic – the issue the people she attacked were there in the first place. One of my very good friends and I have a running joke whenever we get into heated arguments about the major issues of the day, or such arguments take place around us. He will wait for a suitably timed moment as the arguments wind down and reach a natural break, and then say with the utmost geniality: “So, Abortion!” in his Ulster lilt in a tone suggesting this should be the next topic. It breaks the tension wonderfully – particularly as said friend and I tend to pretty much either agree 100% or disagree 100% on any given issue.

The main objections to the stolen sign and the others, at least on the surface, was that they were basically close-up pictures of aborted foetuses. Gruesome indeed. Notwithstanding that the Prolifers were stood in the University’s ‘Free Speech Zone’, its not what you want to see on your way into class. Its upsetting, even horrifying.

Good. Be upset. Be horrified. Abortion is horrifying. It is even more so when it is so totally unregulated that even the women wanting to avail themselves of the right to choose can die on the table and the authorities still have to be dragged kicking and screaming towards investigation, whilst the mainstream media pretends that it just isn’t happening. This is the sort of thing that is supposed to happen when abortion is banned, remember?

So yes, I am Pro-Life. Fanatically so, even – but only after the point at which the foetus can experience sensory stimuli, at which point it’s a Life which is being extinguished when a woman chooses to abort. I don’t believe that Life begins at conception, which is the normal default position for those with baselines religious objections to abortion, because I am a pretty hardcore atheist. But a Life is a Life, and once the foetus is able to experience its own death, as far as I am concerned you are taking a Life if you abort.

Here’s the kicker, though. I still support the right to choose. That’s because of what you might call my most simple, basic moral principle. My philosophy on life, you might say. So here it is, DMF 101:

Just because I disapprove of an action, no matter how viscerally, doesn’t mean I think the State should stop other people choosing to perform that action.

I think abortion is every bit as appalling as the protesters that Mireille-Young attacked do. I think its the height of hypocrisy to support unrestricted abortion and then go all Three Wise Monkeys at the thought of all the dead, mangled babies – or even the live ones being beheaded by butchers like Kermit Gosnell and his willing staff. Just as I think its the height of hypocrisy to scream blue murder about State intervention into healthcare by rallying against Obamacare and then call for abortion to be banned by that same State in your next breath.

Being foursquare against the practice of abortion whilst still supporting the right to choose isn’t exactly a fashionable position, I know. But here I stand, etc. And that’s why I chose to write on this subject right now – not simply because this one single incident of Progressive violence amongst thousands has started to go viral and for once the perpetrator may actually face consequences for her actions. But because its worth reminding people of what abortion is, what it means. It isn’t politics by other means as many on the Left seem to think it is. It is mangled human remains, screaming children born for a few seconds of life before their souls are snuffed out by a man in a blood-spattered coat.

If that reminder upsets you, makes you angry with me for pushing it on you, deal with it. It ought to be a moral dilemma of epic proportions for every human being who supports the right to choose, as I do. There are times when I hate myself for doing so. There ought to be times when everyone else who supports the right to abort does, too.