Identity And Ingratitude

Here, Dumbjon skewers the hypocrisy of our ever-compliant Establishment Media rather beautifully with his usual laser focus. And he’s right, of course. The knives are well and truly out for all things and all people UKIP now, and the three ‘proper Parties’ are indeed more or less literally rummaging through the bins looking for anything that smells. Not for the likes of the Mail and the Guardian indepth investigations into an electoral system so utterly corrupt that our top electoral jurist says it is ‘vulnerable to fraud on an ‘industrial scale‘. They would rather repeat a nasty, grubby allegation by a former UKIP MEP who lets her identity politics trump her supposed commitment to Party and Country and has bitterly attacked those who threw their weight behind her to get her elected in the first place because they wouldnt give up massive ‘Group funding’ for the cause just because she didn’t like the identity politics of some of the *other* members of the EFD Group. Ironically, she now accuses UKIP of being viscerally homophobic, despite them being the only British Party to ever place a trans person high enough on their electoral list for the Toy Parliament to be pretty sure of getting a seat. Odd, that. You’d think such a deeply anti-gay Party would have never have allowed such a thing to happen rather than encouraging it…

Apart from the obvious hypocrisy highlighted by DumbJon, what Nikki Sinclaire’s part of the whole episode goes to show that for a certain kind of Identity-Obsessed person, nothing is ever good enough. For those kinds of people who define themselves and others purely by their perceived ‘Identity’, its really not enough that you treat a gay/trans/’black’/’purple with green spots’ person exactly the same way you treat everyone else. In the Orwellian Newspeak world of the Progressive, that’s not actually equality, you see. For them, Equality means treating people with greater or lesser deference and adjusting your behaviour and especially State resource allocation according to the ever-changing, impossible to properly quantify Diversity scale of Victimhood. And if you don’t do so, and fail to treat someone who falls into a ‘special category’ as a fully Essentialised little china doll who is unable to fend for themselves in the big, scary world of everyone else’s Privilege, then you’re an -ist or a -phobe and must then be cast into the outer darkness.

And that’s the trick, of course. To keep the goalposts moving constantly, in an ever-changing whirl of confusion – hey kids! let’s give it a fancy clever-sounding name too! – so that only the self-appointed Gatekeepers of the New Puritanism can decide our brand new morality for us, and of course reserve the right to try and punish and censor those who dont toe the line. Even if the line keeps moving, and can never be properly quantified. In fact let’s face it, especially if the line keeps moving, because our Progressive Nu-Puritans would absolutely hate it if they had no one to be outraged about and stamp on. Which is why UKIP received nary a word of praise from the usual suspects for getting Britain’s first trans MEP elected, but endless opprobrium for their loose ‘Group’ associations with less trans-friendly groups. Never mind that Labour caucuses (to use the Americanism) with Sinn Fein terrorists and Communists, and Francesco Fini’s cosmetically renamed Fascists sit in the largest Group in the Toy Parliament which the Tories were part of until very recently. Rather, as we see in the Ukraine – where the EU, the Progressives and virtually every western government is cheerleading for a new government which came to power by means of a coup and has actual, full-on Neo-Nazis for a Prime Minister, Deputy PM, and Agriculture and Energy Ministers – its Putin’s attitude to homosexuality which carries the day. Yep, stating flatly that you will ‘burn the ground under the feet‘ of your political opponents is definitely no biggie by comparison.

That’s Identity Politics for you. Minor levels of targeted discrimination against a Designated Victimhood Group are always far worse than intimidation and thuggery against all political opponents in the eyes of the Progressive Nu-Puritans – mainly because when it comes down to it, they are actually pretty big fans of such thuggery themselves. Free speech for me but not for thee, as the saying goes.

And when it comes to the nasty Identity Politics of the likes of Nikki Sinclaire, never a truer word was spoken. Democracy, freedom and those other irrelevances she is supposed to be fighting for can go hang – because if you’re not down with her Identity and willing to kowtow to her every demand related to it (which in practice means her every demand, period), such concerns are ultimately secondary.

Identity politics are very, very bad.


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