Sinking Without Trace

So it seems that all the spinning in the world couldn’t save Democratic Congressional candidate Alex Sink from turning a reasonably solid lead over her Republican rival into a loss in a Florida special election. Not only did she call a report noting that the marginal gains in the US Unemployment rate have only been made due to an unprecedented drop in the numbers of people actually in the workforce looking for work ‘an exciting prospect’, but also…well. Watch for yourself. Hard to imagine the level of shitstorm that would have been generated had her Republican opponent made a similar statement, isn’t it?

But what the moment does show is that there is the precise same attitude to immigration on the American Left which is present here on the British version. Firstly the assumption that ‘immigration reform’ can only ever go in one direction – towards amnesty and an ever widening open door. But secondly I actually think its the final line of the money quote (which is doubled down on in the ‘full’ speech which the Democrat spinners have been attempting to make out contextualises said money quote, I might add) which is far more appalling than the lazy stereotyping.

“We don’t need to put those employers in a position of hiring undocumented and illegal workers.”

So much for ‘a nation of laws’, eh? Just as EU laws on the Minimum Wage allow unscrupulous employers to circumvent such domestic British regulations by making bogus contracts with foreign workers under their own national wage laws – with the full blessing of every British Union leader except the suddenly deceased Bob Crow, I might add – in America the climate around the immigration issue has become so out of kilter from anything resembling the rule of law that here we have a Congressional candidate blithely making it clear that it is perfectly reasonable, normal and consequence-free for employers to openly hire illegal immigrants en masse in her district. That’s quite horrifying, and fortunately even in Britain we aren’t quite at the point where a politician can openly admit that.

Thirdly, there is the other shared assumption, the most damaging of all. And that’s yet another Leftist politician going down the ‘jobs that our nationals just won’t do’ route. You see how she did that? If they can’t get enough immigrants, they will just have to hire illegals because apparently Florida 13th is a district with zero unemployment amongst actual American citizens, in rather sharp contrast to the rest of the country. Though of course really the message is the same one peddled by British politicians – that only immigrants will do ‘certain jobs’. Because no British worker ever cleaned a toilet, or scrubbed a floor, or picked vegetables in a field, or stacked a supermarket shelf. We’re all lazy, we’re just not prepared to get our hands dirty in pursuit of a job.

I read a classic comment the other day on a Standard article, when Nigel Farage of UKIP slammed the same damaging stereotyping of British young people as all worthless and lazy and unwilling to work.

“Sorry, but our kids are lazy wet blankets with a sense of entitlement, mollycoddled to the point of pathetic. You come across as a racist blame-monger.”

The level of cognitive dissonance involved there is quite staggering. ‘Our kids’ can be written off into one homogenous mass as ‘lazy wet blankets’, but Farage is a racist blame-monger. The very essence of racism is the essentialising of a single arbitrarily defined group of people into one identical mass and assigning negative characteristics to them, but its the commenter who is doing that, not Farage. Imagine, if you would, the above same commenters horror if someone were to make a similar comment on, for example, an article written by Diane Abbott condemning high levels of unemployment amongst ‘black people’ on white oppression or something similar.

“Sorry, but our blacks are lazy wet blankets with a sense of entitlement, mollycoddled to the point of pathetic. You come across as a racist blame-monger.”

If the first comment made you nod but the second one fills you with outrage, I have some news for you. You are a bit of a racist.

I happen to have a damn sight more faith in ‘our kids’ and ‘our people’ in general than the Left and the Unions who are supposed to represent them do. Call me old-fashioned, or something.

Well anyway, somewhere along the line, things went wrong for at least one of those Leftist politicians who thinks that all pool cleaners and hotel workers must be immigrants, and that her own national working class doesn’t actually want to do the whole working thing. Looks as if the voters of Florida 13th didn’t find the idea of not having jobs as exciting a prospect as Sink does.

Let’s hope every American and British politician that shares her contempt for their own working classes gets the chance to experience the same excitement she must be experiencing right now.



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